Jeremy Donovan, an author of the book called „How to deliver a TED talk“, said a very interesting thing: he said that he tend to lose himself in the rules of public speaking experts, losing sight of what's really important – authenticity and honest conversation with the audience, whishing the audience well. However, there are some rules you should keep in mind in order to get your message through to the audience and these rules shouldn't be taken for granted.

We become what we repeatedly do. Have you ever thought why do we do what we do in life and business? Well, this is exactly what Charles Duhigg talks about in his book ''The power of habit''. Our daily life, our routine and the way we react to things we are surrounded by is basically the voice of our habits, most importantly the way how we spend time and how we as individuals are accustomed to behave.

The sentence “I don’t have the time for…” has become a routine phrase in our lingo.  The problem of time is definitely a dire conundrum we young people face in the 21st century.  “Time is precious” – though quite a clichéd sentence, is an accurate expression.  Go about and ask any young person in 2014, what the most valuable thing in their life is, and they will answer “time.”  Then why do we struggle so much with time management?

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