Happiness and productivity should never be long term ambitions. Being happy and productive often relies on simple tips and on steps that we can start taking right now and turn into daily habits. In part 1 of “The Simple Way to a Productive and Happy Life”, we discussed eight very simple techniques that could help us to become better versions of ourselves, ready to be positive elements in our world. In the second and last set of these life-improving tips, we would like to go through things that require more than just doing simple tasks, things that might need a little more effort and commitment. With determination and the necessary effort, anything is possible. And for that reason, the “bigger tips” we are about to give you might be just what you need to participate more effectively in the world and realize a more fruitful lifestyle.

Fear is often the main reason why young people don’t make life changes. There are theories which hold that leaving the comfort zone is recommended when you are young because the longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to make changes. Many young people change cities, countries, or even continents because of their studies or jobs; and yet all people must keep in mind that leaving behind a previous life can be difficult and hard. It is important to be aware that this doesn’t mean that the next life changes will be easy, but it means that the challenges will be, at least, easier.

The recent years have marked a change in the way we deal with our health, comfort and wellbeing. We have never given attention and focus to these issues as we do today, and that perhaps is because of the way we evolve, adapting to all kinds of exterior circumstances, but also thanks to the development of evidence-based programs, science and technology. It goes without saying, there is always room for improvement when it comes to our lifestyles and daily habits, but little did we know, the very habits we adopt are the production of our own perception of comfort and convenience. So perhaps we need some minor changes that would enhance our productivity, improve our health and wellness and most importantly, give us more happiness and serenity. Here are 8 tips you could apply in your daily life, for a radical change that would make you a different person.

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