When you travel you are representing your home country whether you like it or not, and I suggest that you represent your country well. In college I traveled as a “student diplomat” with a campus-based organization, and it has left its impression on me since. Here are seven tips to help you represent your country with elegance and grace.

Are you someone who wants to take action and provide good in this world? Perhaps you want to make an impact on someone’s life, or to help those in areas where they need it most.  Maybe you think volunteering in a developing country is the best way to do this, but you don’t possess any particular skill or specialty that makes you desirable for world-renowned non-profits and NGOs.

Whenever you plan a trip to a new city as a tourist and you don't read tips and tricks about how not to be cheated by locals in stores, taxis, or restaurants before arriving - you expose yourself to the danger posed by “tourist traps”, as they are often called. The beautiful city of Prague – with a language relatively unfamiliar to non-Slavic speakers and with its own currency – is no exception, so here is our short list of the things you should be aware of when in Prague.

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