Julia Kinash, YT Movement president and an experienced attendee at many forums, training sessions, and schools, has come up with 10 useful tips on how to make the International Youth Summer School in Beijing the most effective personally for you.

Whether we like it or not, our lives have become addicted to online activity. Some of the people are 'forced' to be online because of job or business, others just want to be up to date. But we have to admit - online activity is 'killing' our free time. At least when we do not use this time to surf for online tools full of inspirational and motivational content. Doing this we learn something and have chance to start doing something with our lives. In this article we have listed some of the most famous online inspirational tools.

A lot of students asking me every day what kind of websites do I use for university to get some extra information or just aids for classes. Today, options for students to expand their knowledge have become way easier. Out there are many websites and applications that will help gain knowledge and also improve skills to manage time, improve writing, socialize with other students and so on. Here is the list of the most important of them.

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