This time I am going to take you on a special journey in China. Since most of you know about China’s big cities, ancient towns and villages, temples, mountains, the Great Wall, great history, tea, meditation, amazing architecture, gardens, martial arts, culture and cuisine, it is time for something different and alternative. China is home to 55 ethnic minorities, some of which are pretty small and count only a few million members or as few as five thousand. So I have chosen three very interesting and unusual ethnic groups about which people rarely hear and which have very distinctive ways of living. Also I will identify their indigenous regions or towns so you can visit them as they offer a unique cultural experience.

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Some places are just  "must visit". Apart from this, there are certain regions on this Earth that feel quite like they belong another world. Accept our invitation to a little tour of the most exceptional.

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Summer is approaching and if you are a romantic soul, you surely won´t miss an opportunity to visit one of these most beautiful castles.  Visit our gallery and get inspired. The next step is to plan your trip.

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There is no job without difficulties of its own, but especially demanding are those which involve interaction with people. For instance, if you sell hot-dogs on a street corner, the actual act of selling is far more complex than making the product. It should not come as a surprise that employees who work with people have shorter working hours, as is the case in my company in the power industry, where I handle the ownership of electricity meters. A fairly easy administrative job becomes a lot harder when you have to deal with people who come from various walks of life, and that is why my office is open to the public six out of the eight hours that we work each day. If you serve the public in every sense of that word, then stress seems almost inevitable, unless you formulate a clear set of rules to which you must strictly adhere. Based on my experience, here are some of the guidelines that can help you to achieve a stress-free working day.

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This spring, the beautiful city of Barcelona hosts the Battle of Nations, a competitive, costume-perfect reenactment of medieval combat that is one of the most amusing sporting events in Europe. We love stories about chivalrous knights who swear to protect the honor of their masters and their loved ones. It is a rare person who is not fascinated by the shining armor, the fancy dresses, and the overall spirit of the Middle Ages. While not everyone is able to swing a heavy sword, we all can enjoy reading the masterpieces which diligently depict this marvelous historic period.  

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The human body is about two-thirds water. An adult should drink an average of two or three liters of clean water a day. Mineral water is useful. These generally known facts usually define the limit of the average person’s knowledge of drinking water. Therefore, today we will talk about how to consume the fluid that is vitally essential to our bodies and do it correctly.

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If you tend to thoughtlessly order takeaway food on a daily basis, then you may be surprised by the fact, that some of your favorite items are actually easier to prepare than you would have thought. Having doubts? We prove to you the opposite.

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There is never enough motivation for everyday endeavors. You may find the right encouraging words from movie characters. And if you would like to know more about the movies, choose them for your weekend watching:

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We often hear the expression, “It is never too late to start.” This week, we present to you three authors whose professional motto must have been, “It is never too early to start” At a time when most people are still debating their life choices, these young people were already writing books which would bring them international popularity and prosperity.

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True - with civilization and its creations, the necessity to store grocery for too long is not crucial anymore. On the other hand, it is also true that the fridge is a must have appliance in almost every household. However, do we really know what belongs to the fridge and what doesn‘t?

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