Nina Johnson

Nina Johnson

I can be quite a biased person when it comes to cities built on the water or in immediate proximity to it. I love water and everything it is associated with; however, it is one thing to come somewhere just for a couple of days as a tourist, but an entirely different thing to actually stay there for a long period of time and try to blend in. Amsterdam is a multi-faced and multicultural city that also dictates its own rules.

The human body is about two-thirds water. An adult should drink an average of two or three liters of clean water a day. Mineral water is useful. These generally known facts usually define the limit of the average person’s knowledge of drinking water. Therefore, today we will talk about how to consume the fluid that is vitally essential to our bodies and do it correctly.

When it comes to the environmental problems of the modern Earth, the first thing to think about is the climate warming, the stuff that is so actively talked and written about.

The notion that air pollution is more than just a topic that environmentalists use to frighten ordinary people was unconvincing to me when I read about it in a textbook, but not when I felt it from my own experience. After spending a couple of weeks in the Czech city of Ostrava at the height of the winter heating season, where I participated in the project of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Charles University (atmospheric air quality assessment and solid particles concentration measurement), I returned to Prague with acute conjunctivitis. The ophthalmologist, upon examining me, was horrified and asked how I managed to bring myself to such a state. Hearing in response that I had been working in Ostrava, she nodded knowingly and glumly advised me to avoid traveling to that part of Moravia in the future.

A bottle left over from the water – in a yellow container, packaging left over from the milk – in an orange one, a box from the eggs ... Where to put a box left over from the eggs? We are almost accustomed to the fact that the waste that we daily produce in large quantities is subject to classification, and we follow the rules without much consideration. However, it is worthwhile to ask: first, what garbage and where to throw it, and secondly, if it makes sense.

In the accelerating age of digital technology, as we are anxious to get rid of the effects of stress and chronic fatigue, we resort to all sorts of tricks. Indulging the stomach with a product labeled «bio» is one of the simplest options. But then a lot of questions arise. What is a «bio-product»? How do we distinguish the real thing from a fake? Is it worth overpaying at all?

Proč musíme počítat s opicemi a virem chřipky, kdy je vliv lidstva na přírodu nepříznivý a kdy je naopak vyžadován, kdo jsou «nelidé» - to vše prozradil posluchačům francouzský antropolog Philippe Descola na své přednášce "Příliš lidský svět", která se konala ve Veletržním paláci v Holešovicích.  

How to use all the technical advantages of the XXI century and remain the first and the best? This and many other questions were answered by communication specialists from Google, The Economist, CNN International, BBC News, Wochit, Czech radio, Radio Liberty, and many others during the News Impact Summit, which was held in Prague in mid-October.

Over five days, in the second half of October, with 81 films from 23 countries and 8 continents – the world’s oldest and most prominent environmental film festival took place, at last, in Prague. In this article you will find the newest and deepest environmental films from directors from Norway, the UK and Slovakia.

The Alchemy Of Krakow

Travelers with whom I have friendly relationships have hastened to assure me, “If you intend to go to Poland sometime, the only place you should visit is Krakow.” As it turned out, I had to spend a little time in Warsaw while changing planes, but I dedicated three whole days to exploring Krakow, and I would like to go there again.

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