Alexandros Chouliaras

Alexandros Chouliaras

Сегодня люди уже не так много времени проводят у телевизора, меньше слушают радио и не бороздят просторы Интернета исключительно на своем домашнем компьютере. Нерешительная аудитория превратилась в осторожных потребителей, которые в состоянии держать под контролем диалог с рекламщиками и самостоятельно выбирать, какая реклама им больше импонирует.

Today, people are no longer spending much time watching television, they are no longer listening to radio, and they are no longer surfing the web only from their PC at home. The easily influenced audience has morphed into self-directed consumers who are able to control the conversation with advertisers and choose which ads are more appealing to them.

When most people think of ‘street art’ they automatically conjure up images of provocative and nonsensical graffiti. This is understandable due to its close association with gang culture. Gangs often use graffiti to mark their territory, vandalize public property, and create a sense of intimidation and fear.

Sometimes even ideas that seems prominent, have a "devastating effect" on humanity in the end. Read our newest comics strip "The Spirit of the Time".

Every young person of today sooner or later meet the need to design something. Presentations in school, infographics for classes, own blog or website. To do all of it good enough we should have some basic knowledge of design. We asked Youth Time Art Director Alexandros Chouliaras to share few tips on how to be trendy in graphic design.


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