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Martina Advaney

Martina is a designer with many years of experience, she writes articles on varied subjects and also conducts interviews.


Ubiquitous sun, hot weather, endless beaches, layers upon layers of blue and dazzling sand. For this picture, a majority  would travel pretty long distances. Where are the most virginal beaches mirroring the Biblical paradise? Check out our list.

The way we live, what we share and whom do we share it with, how much can we know somebody...who controls whom, friends and online friends...These films depict the modern world we live in and how life has become in parts.....a travesty.

15/3/2018 - 1:37 pm

Puzzling Acronyms

Acronyms are abbreviations created from the first letters of words and are themselves pronounced as words. This differentiates them from Initialism which are pronounced letter by letter (e.g. BBC). Acronyms were established in 1940 and gained popularity in the 21st century.

They say the best therapist has a fur and four paws. As  it seems there is something to it. People who have a pet at home usually know what is it to come home and be welcomed with great joy by their four-leged buddy. No wonder, places where animals were typically forbidden, now welcome them. Pets now "work" at cafes, at airports, even in offices - and all that to share and spread the calm that they carry within.

A couple of weeks ago, during February, Europe experienced very cold temperatures dropping down to - 20°C at night and not going above -10°C during the days. While in January, it seemed that spring would come early this year, the entire scenario changed rapidly, almost overnight. Not quite the same in the opinion of a bunch of yellow crocuses in our garden. The extreme cold did not bother them at all and they were happily blooming in temperatures of -13°C and colder. As it seems, at the end, nature knows better about the timing of the seasons.

For most people, an absolutely absurd idea. Houses that often have a maximum of one meter width are not on your everyday dwelling list. At the same time these cramped buildings often have an interesting history about their creation. With the rising prices of properties it is quite common that the building parcels are appearing in places where only garage might have been considered for construction.  Extremely slender buildings are not just a phenomenon of the moderns day.  As a matter of fact, they go back in time and can be found in many historical centres of cities till date.

Most major religions have obligations that must be undertaken one or more times in a lifetime with journeys to given destinations. For Muslims it is Mekka, for Jews Jerusalem, and for Hindus a ritual bath in the river Ganges. Christians also have their destinations, which in recent decades have, in many instances, developed a following even among non-believers – Santiago de Compostela, for example. Believers seems to understand these pilgrimages clearly; but when the call comes, the question of faith can be various for many, and also the place. After all, it is the journey that can be the destination. This weekend‘s movies are dedicated to pilgrimages and searches for higher aims.

Year after year we keep the tradition of making something sweet for Women's Day, and this year will be no exception. This time the recipe is slightly more complicated than usual, but the result will be very satisfying. Follow the photo recipe.

The result of the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 AD was thousands of deaths in neighbouring cities. The volcano that had been regularly sending warning signals finally burried two major cities Pompeii and Herculaneum which led to preserving them almost intact, in the shape they were left in, for several centuries. Predictions of volcanic activity today are more advanced than during the times of Pompeii. Nevertheless, tragedies are not always prevented. The greatest tragedy of recent times occured during 1985 in Colombia when the volcano Nevado del Ruiz caused estimatedly 25,000 deaths. Check out the list of active volcanoes around the world.

To choose the right colors for the interiors requires the right concept, according to what effect you have decided to create. The final result can be monochromatic (in shades of one color), with the scale of cold colors or warm colors. Complementary colors stand in divergence with each other and interestingly can create a harmony in their contrast. What doesn’t look right on the first impression, can create surprisingly energetic and powerful combinations. Check out our gallery for inspiration.

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