On July 10, 2017 a young teenaged girl reportedly died after being electrocuted in a bathtub by her cell phone. She was either plugging the device or it was already plugged in when it fell into the water in the bathtub at her father’s home in New Mexico. Such has become the addiction to social networking that especially the young lose sleep, eat indifferently, compromise on their studies with a cascading effect on their careers, have little interaction with the family and very little actual social life; while being influenced by the unknowns they meet on the net.

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It is now fifteen years since the Kosovo war came to an end, and local cable news broadcasts are again filled with images of Kosovars fleeing the country in droves. Although those images portray desperate families and people of all ages, they mainly depict hopeless young people, filled with rage and ready to leave Kosovo at any price. Since that times, things did not change much, actually.

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