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Renaissance Spy Discovered By Student

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Renaissance spy discovered by student



A history student at Cambridge began to research the work of a prominent Renaissance garden designer, expecting to document wonderful gardens this person had designed. Little did he know that his research would take him into a completely different direction. Costantino de' Servi was a traveller and garden designer whose work was hard to find, but yet, somehow, he seemed to pop up wherever there was trouble in Europe. Even though his work is not well documented, his project for Henry, Prince of Wales, son and heir of James I, was one of the few that are well-known even though the garden was never completed. He travelled from the court of James I to Persia and was always on the payroll of the Medici family. It is now believed that de' Servi was sending useful information to his paymasters in Florence.

Cambridge students spend 15.000 Euros less than Oxford students over the course of completing their degrees



Gocompare.com has found that Cambrige students spend around 5000 Euros per year less on their living costs than Oxford students. In three years – or over the course of completing their degrees – this amount goes all the way up to 15.000 Euros. Cambridge students pay 23.000 Euros for tuition fees, rent, supplies, and socialising while Oxford students pay 28.000 Euros. The biggest difference is evident in the amount spent on clothes, for which Oxford students spend almost 2000 Euros more. There is also a significant difference in rent, because the two cities have different living costs.

Asian students still do not have equal job opportunities in Great Britain



The Government’s Social Mobility Commission has reported that it is still hard for Asian students in Britain to land top jobs despite being better at school than their white colleagues. Young people with Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds have a lower chance of finding professional jobs even though their results at universities are better. Asian Muslim women are most adversely affected, because they earn less on average than their colleagues from other ethnic groups. Even though we live in the 21st century, it is still hard to say that there are equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or background.

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