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Universities in Spain, Venezuela, and Argentina Offer Crypto Courses

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We’ve highlighted below some of the most recent reports in youth-related news and events. In this week's Friday news summary, we speak about the Turkish president's decision to tighten his grip on Turkey's universities, a court ruling that says Dutch universities may teach in English, and new crypto courses offered by universities in Spain, Argentina, and Venezuela.

Only thepresident is now authorized to appoint university rectors in Turkey

According to a recently issued decree, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is now the only official authorized to appoint university rectors in Turkey. And university rectors will no longer be required to hold a position as a university professor before being appointed to a rectorship. Since Erdogan's introduction of a full presidential system, Turkish science and technology research institutes have also lost much of their executive independence. Modern and secular universities such as the Middle East Technical University (ODTU) and Bosphorus University are under additional pressure after clashing with Erdogan and his party's Islamic views, reports Ahval

Court ruling says that Dutch universities may teach in English

According to the latest court ruling, the Universities of Twente and Maastricht will be able to offer bachelors' degrees in psychology in English, reports DutchNews. The lobby group Beter Onderwijs Nederland had claimed that making these degrees available through English-only instruction broke the Netherlands' higher education laws and had brought a case to court. The plaintiffs claimed that Dutch students would become victims of "Anglicising" Dutch education since many foreign applicants would create increased competition for university places. According to the NOS broadcaster, this year there were 75,000 international students in the country, and 74 per cent of all masters' degrees were fully taught in English.

Universities in Spain, Venezuela, and Argentina offer crypto courses

Three Spanish-speaking countries are now offering crypto courses with topics and fields of study such as Bitcoin, blockchain, Ethereum, smart contracts, crypto-economics, and others. For instance, the  Universidad de Alcala in Spain now offers a course of study titled: "Master in Ethereum, Blockchain Technology and Crypto-economics"; the Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires in Argentina offers a course titled: "Cryptoeconomics: blockchain intelligent contracts and cryptocurrencies"; while the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administracion in Venezuela offers a course titled: "Cryptocurrency,  blockchain and business in the new economy, opportunities and challenges for management and business."

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