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What Are The Mistakes Graduates Make In Their First Office Job?

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What are the mistakes graduates make in their first office job?

After landing their first proper adult job, graduates often get thrown into a world that is completely unknown to them. There are things that should be avoided for a certain period of time, because they could easily get you in trouble. Drinking too much caffeine can make it hard for you to sleep, and too much alcohol at a company outing can easily diminish the first impression you make. Your colleagues still do not know how you behave whilst drunk. Spending too much time on your phone texting is also one of the things you never do. Sometimes it is very hard to admit that you need help, especially in situations where you want to prove yourself, but in fact, you should always ask for help when you need it. You were not born knowing everything, many things must be learnt along the way. It is all right to make mistakes, too. Human beings can make occasional mistakes, and you should stand by your own. Complaining will not do you any good, especially in the beginning, and sometimes you will have to work overtime to complete all of your assignments for any given day. It is better to stay half an hour overtime and finish the job, than to continue in the morning. This will make you look dedicated, and you will also make the right impression.

What to do and what to avoid doing when you are submitting a university application?

Completing a university application can be a stressful assignment for a student. Simple tips can help you make the best out of it and leave panic and indecisiveness behind. First, you should attend open days and get to know the campus that interests you, because this is the place where you will spend most of your time. Discuss your choice with your friends and family. It can be helpful to get a second opinion. When you apply to a university, make sure to check out the city where the university is located. You need to know precisely how much you will need to spend in order to live comfortably. Certain places are much more or less expensive than others. It is also highly recommended for you to check out the course syllabus and the reading lists. This could prevent any future disappointments with the courses you plan to take. You should also discuss the university with current students. They can give you insight. You should never rely on stereotypes, there is something about your gut feeling. You should also not be swayed by pressure from your family. It is all right to get a second opionion, but this is essentially your decision. It is important for you not to ignore the entry requirements, and do not rush if you are not yet ready or sure. Maybe you should consider other universities, and sometimes the bittersweet truth is that you are not interested in any of them because you see yourself doing something completely different.

Decreased number of foreign undergraduates in the UK



For the first time in five years, the number of non-EU students has dropped in the UK. Speculation is mounting about the plans the government has made to cut the number of non-EU students in order to reduce immigration. The total number of students has fallen by 2.3 per cent. Most of the public agrees that immigration politics should not be applied to students because they pay significantly higher tuition fees than their British colleagues.

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