In our series ‘out of the closets of the royalty’, this is the story of Prince John of the U.K. and queen Elizabeth’s uncle who was banished to live in obscurity.

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Last week, we commenced with Empress Elisabeth of Austria, in our series, out of the closets of Royalty. This week let’s have a look into the life of Rudolf II, variously known as Holy Roman Emperor, Archduke of Austria, King of Bohemia, King of Hungary and Croatia.

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To be a member of what many of us call royal families is a wish of many. The much admired show and pomp often come out as garish and phony and far less attractive when one delves into the real lifestyles of the ‘royals’. We at YT are beginning a brand new series of articles “Out of the closet” that maps the deep secrets and neurosis of members aristocratic families. The first of these articles is dedicated to the beautiful Empress Elisabeth of Austria, more familiarly known as Sissi.

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25/12/2017 - 4:00 pm

Christmas 100 Years Ago

We at YT hope that you are experiencing Christmas this year just the way you like it.  But in case you would be interested in taking a break and making a trip into the past, we offer you a look at what Christmas was like about a hundred years ago.

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19/7/2017 - 4:00 pm

History In Photographs

Today, we will take a trip to some of the bygone times which are important milestones of our recent history, through the lens of the camera.  As we all know, we absorb visuals more easily than written matter. Check out our gallery.

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