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Face the New Reality, How to Do Smart Marketing in the Time of Digitilization, Explains #YTSummer Expert Ms. Caroline Wabara

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#YTSummer Expert Ms. Caroline Wabara #YTSummer Expert Ms. Caroline Wabara

The Youth International Summer School in Shanghai is just a few weeks away and we are excited to publish the latest article interviewing one of our workshop trainers, Ms. Caroline Wabara. An expert in marketing, Ms. Wabara will be travelling all the way from Nigeria to share her knowledge and experience with participants at the event.

Ms. Caroline Wabara is a digital marketing consultant and founder of WAB Digital, a digital marketing agency with a focus on SEO, Content Marketing & Online Advertising for Lead Generation. Before discovering digital marketing, she started her career in traditional marketing for insurance companies and banks. She then went on to work as a copywriter for a digital agency before going solo. Nowadays, she does SEO, Content marketing and advertising for clients and enjoys teaching small businesses and organisations how to create strategies to sell anything online. Ms. Wabara will be hosting a workshop entitled, “Smart Marketing in the Time of Digitilization”. This pre-event interview aims to provide Youth International Summer School participants with added insight and understanding as to what they can expect from the workshop, in addition to learning how to best prepare for the event.

Ms. Wabara, we are very pleased to have you join us at the Youth International Summer School in Shanghai in just a few weeks. Would you share with us a short introduction about yourself?

Thank you! I’m a digital marketing consultant and run a marketing agency called WAB Digital, based in Lagos Nigeria. I help B2B companies generate sales-qualified leads through smart digital marketing strategies.

What excites you most about the Youth International Summer School and how does the theme of the event align with your own interests and values?

I am passionate about utilizing technology, as compared to classic marketing, as a business tool to engage and convert prospects into loyal customers. And so it is an exciting opportunity for me to share what I know on an international platform like this, while networking with multinationals and other professionals from around the world.

Please share with us a brief description on what your workshop entitled “Smart Marketing in the Time of Digitilization” is going to be about. What will be the particular areas of focus?

The workshop is going focus on understanding today’s customer’s journey and how companies and marketers can leverage technology, data, tools and strategies to attract, engage and convert them into loyal customers in today’s digital world.

What lessons will participants be able to take with them after attending your workshop and how can they apply them in the future?

At the end of this workshop, participants will be equipped as a one-person digital marketing team because they will become abreast with the strategies, techniques, smart marking tools and action steps that will ultimately lead to business growth.

Do you have any tips or advice to offer participants who intend to attend your workshop at the Youth International Summer School?

My advice is that they should be open to keeping up with the latest trends, study their ideal customers’ behaviour and use smart marketing techniques to reach them wherever they are.

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