As life expectancy goes higher and higher so do the risks of developing age related diseases. Since we humans cannot regenerate ourselves, enter the scientists. What are the latest success stories that science has to offer and are these attempts original or do some of them mimic age old and even primitive beliefs? Read to find out.

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In the 1970s, when great strides occurred in deciphering the functions of the kidneys, the heart, and the lungs, there was a widespread conviction that medical science would soon achieve a detailed understanding of the function of the greatest organ in the body – the brain. Nonetheless, several decades later, we still know very little about the brain’s functions and connections. Therefore it is safe to believe that the origins of several known but not well understood phenomena will remain, at least for some time, shrouded in the magical veil of the unexplored. Here are some of the ones you have probably come in touch with.

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The newest technologies develop and improve very rapidly, whichever field they may be related to. Many inventions of today that sounded like science fiction just a decade ago are now a part of our everyday life. In this interview we talk with the renowned Professor Michael Bove of the MIT Media Lab. Among his projects are: Holographic Television, 8K Time Machine, Printed Wearable Holographic Display, Programmable Synthetic Hallucinations, Aerial Light Field Displays, Dressed In Data and Listen Tree. We asked him to explain in lay persons terms what the Media Lab is currently doing and the new technological creations we can expect in the near future.
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