Every Thursday evening, Alfredo comes back to his home in central Rome carrying large bags full of groceries, vegetables, and fruits. But this not the result of typical supermarket shopping that he does every week. Together with his friends and neighbors, he has established a buying group which purchases food, cosmetics, and other products directly from small local producers, thus avoiding the global “supermarket” economy which he considers unjust.

Public fridges are being opened in cities across Europe, including Berlin, Prague, and regional towns. These refrigerators are accessible for anybody who wants to bring in or take away food. Voluntary “foodsharing” could mitigate the widespread waste of food.

Mostly it’s how will the finance be arranged. You have a great idea, you have the plan of how you will change the world with it or make a difference in a lot of lives and you even have a team of people which will help you achieve this, but the reality is all of these activities need money. One of the most popular ways to do this has been Venture Capital or VC money as it's mentioned in normal parlance. While VC funding is not a bad idea per se, there are a lot of options which are available to the founders these days which are somehow better as compared to VC funding. Lets look at a few of them here.


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