The latest developments in technology offer you not only surfing the Internet if you have access to WiFi or mobile Internet, playing games, checking your social media accounts, and using various apps, but also help in planning your travels. Who needs a travel agent when you have a smartphone? For all of you digital-savvy travelers, we have made a list of the six most useful travel apps, any of which might be a real help when you find yourself in a foreign country or a place you have had no chance to visit before and want to ensure a worry-free trip.

Free stuff is the best, especially stuff that works in our favor. Online app stores offer us a wide range of little helpers that can add a touch of creativity to our busy lives. Since we spend so much time on our mobile and other devices, we could put their possibilities to good use.

You might not think that programming is an art, but programming is a very creative profession which takes you deep into the beauty of logic-based creativity.


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