Alexander Pavlenko

Alexander Pavlenko

Previous week the world celebrated the birthday of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a world-famous author who is best known for creating the legendary characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. We have all read at least one book about Sherlock, seen at least one movie, or even became fans of numerous TV series. However, Conan Doyle was not only an extraordinary writer of mystery novels, he was also capable of creating great historical and adventure books, two of which we are glad to present in this week's review.

The summer is just a week away, and it is understandable that sunny beaches, pleasant walks in a park, or a barbecue with friend could be more alluring than reading at home. But we are certain that our most avid readers will find time to enjoy the books that we recommend this week, while bathing in the pleasant rays of the sun or flying to some beautiful tourist destination. These books will be a wonderful accompaniment for your holidays.  

We often admire people with extraordinary gifts, those whom society often deems geniuses for their contributions to the progress of mankind. Among such path-finding minds are Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Mozart. However, there have also been geniuses who did not have the best interests of humanity in mind. In other words, they were dark personalities with tragic endings to their lives. The books which we have selected for you this week serve to remind us that great knowledge is not always put to a good use, and could be more of a curse than a blessing.

This spring, the beautiful city of Barcelona hosts the Battle of Nations, a competitive, costume-perfect reenactment of medieval combat that is one of the most amusing sporting events in Europe. We love stories about chivalrous knights who swear to protect the honor of their masters and their loved ones. It is a rare person who is not fascinated by the shining armor, the fancy dresses, and the overall spirit of the Middle Ages. While not everyone is able to swing a heavy sword, we all can enjoy reading the masterpieces which diligently depict this marvelous historic period.  

Mankind is witnessing enormous progress in the area of space exploration. People are viewing live broadcasts of rocket launches, and NASA sends signals from the dark deepness of space. The Universe is getting closer and closer to us. Who knows, maybe one day the most exciting sci-fi novels, some of which we are presenting you this week, will seem like realistic drama novels.

We often hear the expression, “It is never too late to start.” This week, we present to you three authors whose professional motto must have been, “It is never too early to start” At a time when most people are still debating their life choices, these young people were already writing books which would bring them international popularity and prosperity.

This week the world celebrates April Fools' Day, the unofficial day of humor and comedy. We hope that you won't fall victim to any innocent – or not so innocent – practical jokes and hoaxes. Instead of looking for an opportunity to play a joke on a friend, pick up one of these great humor books, which we have reviewed for you, and spend the day enjoying the sophisticated wit of these renowned authors.

Karl Hampe, a well-known German historian, once said that history knows no “ifs”. This notion, however, is defining only in academic circles, where there is no place for guesswork and speculation. We, as avid readers, love to give reign to our imagination and allow history to take a different turn every now and then. We present to you, therefore, a list of books, the authors of which boldly ask, “What if everything had gone the other way?”

The first quarter of 2017 has brought plenty of new releases in the world of literature. We have picked the hottest new titles that might kindle the interest of young leaders who are interested in healthy lifestyles and self-development, but who are also avid readers and have a passion for computer games.

This week we present to you five books on a topic that will be appealing to almost every reader – conspiracies and accompanying theories. Some people are skeptical about such speculations, while others are willing to believe blindly in any unusual hypothesis, as long as it casts the blame for all our troubles on unknown secret societies. Get acquainted with these books and judge for yourselves whether they are just figments of someone’s imagination or well-grounded theories.

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