Starting your own business is scary at any age, let alone when you are young. The fear of failure is so strong that many give up even before getting in front of the sketch board. This is why it is important to develop not just a viable business strategy, but a healthy work philosophy as well, one that will carry you through all the troubles you are bound to encounter somewhere along the way.

There is no job without difficulties of its own, but especially demanding are those which involve interaction with people. For instance, if you sell hot-dogs on a street corner, the actual act of selling is far more complex than making the product. It should not come as a surprise that employees who work with people have shorter working hours, as is the case in my company in the power industry, where I handle the ownership of electricity meters. A fairly easy administrative job becomes a lot harder when you have to deal with people who come from various walks of life, and that is why my office is open to the public six out of the eight hours that we work each day. If you serve the public in every sense of that word, then stress seems almost inevitable, unless you formulate a clear set of rules to which you must strictly adhere. Based on my experience, here are some of the guidelines that can help you to achieve a stress-free working day.

Everyone has the potential to obtain a goal-oriented personality. All you need to do is to ask yourself, “what is it that I want, and how can I get it?” Whatever goal you have, I believe you can achieve it as long as you set up a system that prioritizes actions that help you to the finish line. Here are a few steps I came up with that have helped me set and implement my own personal goals.

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