The contemporary educational model puts great emphasis on developing mathematical skills and logic. However, a person uses several types of intelligence simultaneously while performing even the simplest action. It may be assumed that only visual intelligence could be employed while painting a picture. It is not so! Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence also plays an important role since you have to use it in order to convey your idea with the help of your hand and a brush. The quality of your designs, ideas, and desires directly depends on how well developed is your intrapersonal intelligence. In his book “You're Smarter than You ThinkThomas Armstrong explains how each and every person can hone all facets of his intelligence: from the logical to the philosophical, in order to realize his full potential.

Images alone don’t cut it anymore, so even though adding them to social media can be effective, they may also be buried under trending new stories and selfies and ultimately become irrelevant. Brian Hughes, CEO of Integrity Marketing and Consulting wrote in an article for Entrepreneur that interactive social content is “the key to standing out in this sea of digital clutter.”

Nowadays English has become so commonly spoken and understood that people forget the world is made of roughly 6,500 languages and about 4,000 of them have thousands and millions of speakers. International travel is now relatively easier for native English speakers or even for those who know a couple of languages such as English, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese, but let’s face it, not all of us have the foreign languages bug. So how should you overcome a language barrier if your interlocutor does not understand you or you don’t understand him? Here is a compilation of tips for triumphing over language barriers.

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