Essential to the maturation and development of every human being is the individual’s innate desire to progress, to accomplish his own goals, and constantly renew himself, to become happy and satisfied. Most people on the way to their goals encounter a series of challenges and problems, which some successfully overcome, while others do not. In such cases, people agree on the need for a script to determine why they cannot, but they do not know how to proceed, and they do not know how to accomplish what they want and simultaneously improve the lives of those around them. The question is why that is so. If both the successful and the unsuccessful man had the same conditions, the same 24 hours for achieving a goal, what is the difference between the one who is successful and the one who is not?

Ancient sciences have been teaching it and have been alternately accepted and ignored over many long centuries. Feng Shui or Vastu are teaching not only that we should keep things and ourselves straight and our accounts in order to achieve well-deserved success, but also that where there is a mess, there cannot be order in the mind. Now, when modern science comes to the same conclusion - it is confirmed and we can breathe again. With tidiness all around us, we will feel better, reduce tension, and argue less. Especially in the long run.

Teaching is something that has been around since the beginning of time. It is something that strives mankind to continued learning. There have been many standardized ways of teaching. There are ways to make learning fun and engaging. Over the years educators have created phenomenal ways to bring education to life. Some like visual learning while others want to dive in a book. This list is for all you book dwellers. There are many books that help to create a great learning experience. These books help to create an experience that is both rewarding and captivating.

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