Italians are crazy about food. Restaurants, bistros, and pastry shops are literally everywhere, and there is hardly any social gathering or event you can think of which doesn't include buffets, snacks, or even entire meals. But among so much food, it can sometimes be very hard to choose the place to have a tasty meal. Our reporter’s guide to Rome for food lovers will help you and your stomach to navigate the search for food in the Eternal City.

The capital of Slovenia – the city that the Slovenes call simply “the capital”, with just 300.000 people – has in the last two years climbed high on the bucket lists of travelers. It is small and easy to get around, but with so many tourists occupying most of the bars along the Ljubljanica River banks and joining the crowds at the best rated Trip Advisor places, where do the locals go?

A lot of people have the travel bug, but not all of them consider transforming their passion into a job that can pay bills and more vacations. Here are some tips how to do it.

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