Our interview with the founder of VcV Wrestling Jakub "The King" Pešek reveals the hard work and dedication required to start and grow a professional sports startup in the Czech Republic.

There are loads of singer-songwriters, DJs, and bands that wish to perform in cafés, at weddings, or at neighborhood barbecues. But how do ambitious musicians find a stage - get a gig - and how do party hosts easily find the right musicians to perform? Paul de Kuyper (30) is one of the founders of the Dutch start-up Gigstarter, an online platform for booking live music that offers the solution to this problem.

Today Youth Time speaks to Johan Allers, the South-African founder and developer of the online learning environment: talkUBUNTU. This digital platform is designed to help young people to prepare themselves for their future. It offers courses and information on topics such as Life Orientation or Civics, subjects that are vital to the development of our youth, but often neglected in education. Broadly speaking, it deals with everything from Study and Career orientation to Life Skills Development. Get ready to find out how this cross sectoral and cross cultural initiative empowers youth and how you can make a contribution to it.

Design. A concept that is quite often associated with something exclusive, and unapproachable for normal people. Not according to architectural designer Jason Nam, one of the founders of the organization: Design Disco. This non-profit offers a platform for young people who have yet to discover how they can incorporate design in their daily lives. Through workshops, lectures, blog posts, and field trips, high school students are stimulated to see the world through the window of design. Get ready to find out why this initiative was started as well as how to apply the pedagogy of design in your own life.

Public fridges are being opened in cities across Europe, including Berlin, Prague, and regional towns. These refrigerators are accessible for anybody who wants to bring in or take away food. Voluntary “foodsharing” could mitigate the widespread waste of food.

We’ve all probably fantasized about having our own business. Maybe we’ve even developed our idea or written an amateur business plan, but we never dared to take it one step further and actually take action. In the competitive world we live in, risks aren’t small, so people usually give up before they begin. But what if there is a way to get enough guts up actually to start doing something? We recommend that you read three books that will encourage you to do so.

After years of building a career in his hometown of Belgrade, a young graphic designer decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean, following the intuition that had led him to great success. In less than three years he became ranked among top 111 designers in the USA by launching a product called Heart Plate, that might change the obesity problem all over the world. For YT magazine, he speaks about the struggles he has had to deal with and his business challenges, and gives important advice to his young future colleagues. Meet Nikola Vucicevic (35).

Stockholm-based startup, SelfieJobs is revolutionizing the way we search and apply for jobs. Their employment app lets job seekers create short video pitches which enable them to promote themselves in a new and innovative way. Their goal is to simplify the job search process while making it more fun and rewarding. It also gives companies a place to find social and service minded talent.

An old english proverb rightfully states that 'All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.' While that proverb is true in more ways than one especially in developed nations, the direct opposite could be used to best describe Zimbabwe were high unemployment figures have made it difficult for young Zimbabweans to play.

The project known as „Dobre Kote“ (meaning „good locations“) started in September, 2015 in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). It was organized and led by Smirna Kulenović, a young activist who loves art, loves to love, and loves to love art.



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