There are loads of singer-songwriters, DJs, and bands that wish to perform in cafés, at weddings, or at neighborhood barbecues. But how do ambitious musicians find a stage - get a gig - and how do party hosts easily find the right musicians to perform? Paul de Kuyper (30) is one of the founders of the Dutch start-up Gigstarter, an online platform for booking live music that offers the solution to this problem.

Today Youth Time speaks to Johan Allers, the South-African founder and developer of the online learning environment: talkUBUNTU. This digital platform is designed to help young people to prepare themselves for their future. It offers courses and information on topics such as Life Orientation or Civics, subjects that are vital to the development of our youth, but often neglected in education. Broadly speaking, it deals with everything from Study and Career orientation to Life Skills Development. Get ready to find out how this cross sectoral and cross cultural initiative empowers youth and how you can make a contribution to it.

Design. A concept that is quite often associated with something exclusive, and unapproachable for normal people. Not according to architectural designer Jason Nam, one of the founders of the organization: Design Disco. This non-profit offers a platform for young people who have yet to discover how they can incorporate design in their daily lives. Through workshops, lectures, blog posts, and field trips, high school students are stimulated to see the world through the window of design. Get ready to find out why this initiative was started as well as how to apply the pedagogy of design in your own life.

"Fear should never control your decisions. I still start businesses and expect to fail as much as I expect them to succeed," says a 29 year old entrepreneur, developed a start-up that motivates people to exercise and work out Ognjen Radic. His concept has been widely accepted in Europe, and he doesn't want not stop there. He continues his mission teaching young people how to make their dreams come true by being brave, staying focused, and taking risks.

When people come together and start building the common good, it is a time when great things can happen. This story, about a project called the Klix School of Running, is a good example of that. In 2013, runners in Sarajevo came up with the idea of creating a school to promote healthy lifestyles. Today it is a very succesful citizens’ initiative, which has opened the amazing world of running to young adults who never even thought that they could run long distances.

Public fridges are being opened in cities across Europe, including Berlin, Prague, and regional towns. These refrigerators are accessible for anybody who wants to bring in or take away food. Voluntary “foodsharing” could mitigate the widespread waste of food.


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