Juru, Sinan, Elisa, and Maxim. These are the names of some of the dancers at an exceptional dance group based in the capital of Italy. Exceptional not only because their studio is based beneath the rails of the second biggest European train station, Stazione Termini, but also because the group gathers together young people from countries across the globe.

The Media often draws a one dimensional portrait of the Middle East, and tends to overshadow the young talents and creative minds in the region in the favor of highlighting violence and radicalism only. In spite of the instability and armed threats, business-oriented Arab creatives are turning the wearable art they create into brands with unique identities, inspired by their mystic culture.

Ece Ergüney is the co-founder of two startups together with her business partner, Milan Hnátek. Their inspiring story shows that motivation is all you need to succeed: they drafted a business plan while they lived on opposite sides of the world and took a unique approach to launching two businesses almost simultaneously.

When we arrived at Robin Food the smell of carrot soup pervaded the air. Buzzy atmosphere, open kitchen, colourful paintings and walls, high ceiling and a cheerful dog wandering around with a melon in mouth. The first experience at the Guerrilla Kitchen, a collective run by volunteers in Amsterdam, was quite eye-opening.

“I always say that the Vondelbunker is a playground. It’s a place for all those who want to experiment without the consequences of failure.”

The WHEELCHAIR Dance Project, founded by Banu Dagcioglu Turkeli, is a great example of how rewarding life can be when we help others, when we put ourselves into the position of other people, and when we understand what they are dealing with.


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