A while ago we published a few tips on how to beat a student’s No. 1 trouble, procrastination.  If in the West avoiding a task which needs to be accomplished is a real problem, somewhere in the world people actually pay money to ‘be lazy’.

North Korea, the most isolated country in the world, remains a mystery to many people. Some relate it to communism, or totalitarianism; while some only imagine impoverished people and primitive living conditions. But 26-year-old Rubio Chan thinks there are many facets to this country that people don’t know about. Having set foot in the country fourteen times, the young entrepreneur organizes alternative “intellectual tours” for university students, hoping to bring new insights on how people should treat stereotypes.

An old english proverb rightfully states that 'All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.' While that proverb is true in more ways than one especially in developed nations, the direct opposite could be used to best describe Zimbabwe were high unemployment figures have made it difficult for young Zimbabweans to play.

Vivek Modi is a 22 year old civil engineer from India. He comes from a very small town in Gujarat state called Sidhpur, a town with a notable architectural heritage. Sidhpur stands as a witness to ancient Indian culture and Hindu mythology. Right now Vivek works for a company in Gabon, where he is building a factory. Plus he works as a climate leader for Project Climate Reality and has been trained on climate actions by Al Gore, former vice president of the U.S.

Due to online publishing and the rise of “kindle culture”, printed book sales have suffered several setbacks. Art books represent an especially endangered species, since all sorts of information about art, including the art itself, seem to be instantly accessible online. However, for Karolína Truhlářová art books will always be worth printing.

Migration is widely controversial. Traveling is widely popular.  Both entail crossing borders to pursue a better life. Being a melting pot of cultures and the world's most popular travel destination, with a half a billion visitors annually, Europe has an increasing fear of foreigners that has led to more and more migrant-hostile legislation with more than E90 million granted to FRONTEX to block migrants from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.


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