Bosnia and Herzegovina is a very interesting country from the perspective of new business formations. Regardless of the tough economic situation, there are energetic and creative young people in Bosnia who are launching really interesting startups.

Scotland is a country with a very rich history of innovation, but it hasn’t stopped there, and the surge of recent successful entrepreneurial endeavours proves that. This latest trends has made the region one of the hottest tech startup hubs in the world. Scotland 'earned' this attribute thanks to the talented and determined entrepreneurs all over the country, and these that we have listed here will prove this attribute. Get inspired and motivated by their great work and impact.

I spent the last couple of days searching for start-ups in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The point of my search was to show that many young people there are starting their own businesses. Some of the motivating factors are: promoting young people’s thoughts and ideas, helping others, or just working on a better future in general. I can tell you for a fact that responds to all those motivations and much, much more.

If we say that Hong Kong's start-ups ecosystem is growing, this is  an absolute understatement! The most suitable description is if we say it's booming. As everyday more and more success stories of new start-ups pile up. Thus Hong Kong is beginning to stake its claim as one of Asia's hottest start-up hubs. And the listing of some of these start-ups in this article, is just a sneak peek of that boom we mentioned before.

It’s not the technology that changes the world, it’s the dreams behind the technology. Asia is leading the way when it comes to digital technology. With over 1.4 billion active internet users, Asia Pacific accounts for more than half of the world’s smartphones today. E-commerce sales are estimated to reach over one trillion dollars in 2017 and there are more tech startups than ever before.

India is a huge country. It also has the largest English Speaking population of the world after USA for more than a decade now. Also Indians have worked for all the major English speaking countries of the world USA, UK, Australia and Canada for decades; as most of the work is outsourced there because of great quality and cheaper wages to be paid to workers thus generating enormous savings for companies. All of these details have one thing in common. India has great potential for the startups. 


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