What makes us what we are is influenced by many factors. Based on research it can clearly be stated, food and nutrition is one of the important factors that influences our personality apart from contributing to physical health.

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Trendy food usually lasts only a short time, but these items have occupied space on our plates for quite a while.  Why? They follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle, also work for allergy sufferers, and some of them even have medical benefits. What are they? Let´s take a close look.

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Unless there’s an underlying glandular problem, it’s our lifestyle that makes us gain weight. Some of us choose to eat when we are stressed while others shop. So, probably shopping is the healthier option unless we choose to shop for unhealthy foods. Here are some of the foods that not only add to making our eating habits healthier but are also affordable and they certainly help us lose those unwanted kilos.

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Gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, mustard, seafood, strawberries, nuts...these and more can be dangerous allergens. Even fruits and vegetables such as apples and tomatoes or spinach or aromatic herbs are causing many people health problems. Check out the 5 most common allergens and what can be used instead.

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Saša Aleksič (24) is a graphic designer who is currently working for a company that makes video games for mobile phones and tablets. Still, when he comes home, he turns from a computer nerd into a cake wizard! Don't think this title is an exaggeration, because what you are about to discover is more than magical. His cakes and cookies are becoming more and more recognized, because Saša decided to replicate the world's most famous pieces of art on his desserts. He made his first cake with his aunt. The hardest one was the Gustav Klimt cake, which took him two days to paint and was half a meter high. When asked about how people react when they see what he does, he says: They often think these cakes are too pretty and refuse to take the first bite.

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In the accelerating age of digital technology, as we are anxious to get rid of the effects of stress and chronic fatigue, we resort to all sorts of tricks. Indulging the stomach with a product labeled «bio» is one of the simplest options. But then a lot of questions arise. What is a «bio-product»? How do we distinguish the real thing from a fake? Is it worth overpaying at all?

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We hear all the time that healthy nutrition is very important, but what it actually means is discussed a lot without arriving at universal agreement. Generally speaking, we can find many definitions about it. Starting with the internet and the media we can hear many opinions and various suggestions about eating habits and a healthy life. Sometimes very contradictory ones. Searching for some answers, we asked an expert his opinion.

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