What do you know about Milan? In a few words: fashion, design, incredible Italian gastronomy, Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, and the Duomo di Milano. But we will let you in on a little secret: Milan is a real pleasure to explore. But first, go to these four museums to enjoy Italian art and history. It’s a real feast for the eyes and an inspiration for your mind! All these museums are located in the center of Milan, so you can combine visiting them with the other main attractions and even shopping.

Nineteenth century Romanticism – especially when combined with supernatural powers – doesn’t ever seem to get old, even more than a hundred years after it was first introduced.  At least not for  Dvořák's masterpiece Rusalka, which conquered world when it was new and still plays on. The fairy tale story with a theme of love and death has been successfully performed all over the world. Join us today to travel to the secret location where Antonín Dvořák found his inspiration for the magical place that we know as Rusalka's lake.

You all know about Venice in Italy, of course. And some of you have heard about Suzhou, the “Venice” of China and one of several Chinese “Venices”. Today it is time to explore Hoi An, the “Venice of Vietnam”.  

This time I am going to take you on a special journey in China. Since most of you know about China’s big cities, ancient towns and villages, temples, mountains, the Great Wall, great history, tea, meditation, amazing architecture, gardens, martial arts, culture and cuisine, it is time for something different and alternative. China is home to 55 ethnic minorities, some of which are pretty small and count only a few million members or as few as five thousand. So I have chosen three very interesting and unusual ethnic groups about which people rarely hear and which have very distinctive ways of living. Also I will identify their indigenous regions or towns so you can visit them as they offer a unique cultural experience.

Not just a city of waffles, the EU, and good beer, Brussels is famous for its love for comic books. Since the early '90s, walls across the city have been decorated with characters from popular comics and their authors, and tourists are getting more and more curious about them.

When we speak about Italy most of us have in mind Rome, Pisa, Venice, Sicily, Verona, Florence, Milan, or Siena. But a country of romantic cities, great cuisine, a warm-hearted people, and stunning scenery has much more to offer. Italy is full of surprises across all of its territory. Today I will introduce you to some less famous places in Italy which are more than worth visiting. You have probably heard about these places, but they are not often prominent in tourist itineraries. It will be short tour from north to south through this amazing land.


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