The Republic of Malta is an island situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Less than half a million residents make it one of the smallest countries in the world. Malta has three islands – besides the main island of Malta there are Gozo Island and Comino Island. The smaller islands are popular because Hollywood, the BBC, and other production companies have filmed movies there – Gladiator, Troy, Munich, The Count of Monte Cristo, and also Byron and Coronation Street.

Greece is a really large country by its land area, and it has much to offer to everyone. In my articles I will introduce you to every one of the nine regions of Greece, their culture, customs, cuisine, and people. We will start with the regions, one by one, then move on to culture and cuisine.

There are many interesting things you can do while you are in Oslo, but some of them require a lot of time and a considerable amount of money. Of course, Oslo also offers many free activities, and below you can find some reasonably priced possibilities which have become symbols of Oslo over the years. One thing is certain: you will never feel alone or bored in Oslo!

It is time to continue. After Macedonia we are heading to Bulgaria, the easternmost Balkan country and the largest by territorial extent. Bulgaria is a very beautiful country, with diverse landscapes from mountains to seaside, and it has a rich history and a mixed culture. In three words: Bulgaria is nice country blessed by culture, nature, and food. Our first stop is its capital, Sofia.

Oslo is the capital of Norway and its biggest city, and also the economic and governmental center of the country. Approximately one quarter of Norway’s residents live in Oslo. This spectacular city, like many capital cities in the world, is full of contrasts.

Now that we have seen the most interesting places in Serbia, our budget adventure in the Balkans moves on to Bosnia. We begin by buying a ticket in the Serbian town of Uzice and taking a train to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, the most ethnically mixed country in the Balkans. The ticket will cost around 10 EUR, and the trip will last 6h with a transfer in Banja Luka to Sarajevo.

We have told you a lot about China, and now it is time to summarize. This is hard to do, as there are a thousand details to find inspiring while exploring this country.  China is like an ocean – you can search it to its depths and across its width and still not have discovered every corner of this vast and mysterious land. But now before you book a ticket to China, or if you already have it, before you step out of the airplane read several bits of advice that we want to give you so you will more easily get used to the atmosphere there, and the people, and avoid unpleasant situations, and also know how to stay safe.

Do you have an airport layover lasting more than two hours while travelling to your final destination? Are you planning activities accordingly and trying to keep yourself busy by surfing the internet with limited wi-fi access just for a couple of hours, shopping in duty free shops, or merely killing time by sleeping while waiting for your next flight? No more, if you have a stopover in the airports listed below. It is time to spend our layover hours outside of the airport and in the city, efficiently and wisely, with fun introductory city tours that the airports provide for free!

A common question I am often asked when I travel abroad is, “You’re from Los Angeles? Have you ever seen someone famous in Hollywood?”

So summer is drawing to a close, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably attended one of the many music festivals offered over the last few months and are pining for that feeling to long continue. However, the rate of festivals suddenly drops once August draws to close, but what if you want to keep the party going over the Autumn months? We have the answer. If pop and alternative music in a festival setting is what you’re looking for this autumn, look no further, this guide should help keep the summer vibes going on long after the leaves have turned brown.


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