With gorgeous beaches, a fascinating architecture, breathtaking waterfront views, and a very rich history, Liverpool is certainly considered one of Britain’s most beautiful cities. You could never get bored in this city, you would always see things like the “Super Lamb Bananas” to delight your spirit and put a smile on your face. Here we give you a selection of 5 things you might not know about, and that you should not miss on your next trip to Liverpool.

The story of Pompeii continues to amaze visitors, even centuries after it was discovered. Allow us to entice you to explore an ancient town so well preserved, with an atmosphere so arresting, that millions of visitors have had the sense that its original inhabitants might return at any time. You will find here practical information about transportation from Naples, ticket prices, the season to go, and just where to eat.

London has always been a popular tourist destination and is becoming increasingly more tempting as air travel prices drop. But the city’s reputation for being expensive discourages a lot of people from traveling there. However, with just a few tips, you can save a lot of money and enjoy a cheap trip to London.

Researchers and historians agree that the symbol known as the “Trinacria” originated in the Middle East, where it was the triple image of the god Baal in three incarnations: spring, summer, winter. Only later, through a process lost in time, did the Trincaria become the very symbol of Sicily, an island of beautiful landscapes, abundant sunshine, and a distinctive triangular shape.

The capital of Slovenia – the city that the Slovenes call simply “the capital”, with just 300.000 people – has in the last two years climbed high on the bucket lists of travelers. It is small and easy to get around, but with so many tourists occupying most of the bars along the Ljubljanica River banks and joining the crowds at the best rated Trip Advisor places, where do the locals go?

YT magazine contributor Mia Comic spent a couple of days in Krakow, Poland. One of the places she wanted to visit was Oskar Schindler's factory - a famous place devoted to Poland's wartime experiences.

Krakow is one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Europe, with much to offer every tourist and a unique spirit that will simply dazzle you. It's magical during both the day and during the night, although at night – it has a special charm and makes you feel like you've travelled back through time. If you're planing to visit this breathtaking city, here are some hints to help make your stay more pleasant and on budget.

There are many articles that encourage young people to follow their passion to travel and stop leading “normal lives”. They encourage you to start traveling and advise you to quit your job and travel. Please, don’t do that yet!

The girl who decided to go alone to the East without any special financial means or language knowledge, just a rucksack with only the most essential things. What pushed her to leave her former life and travel to China? In the interview below, she tells us her unforgettable experience of living in China for six months.

Urban development, rapid industrialization, energy production and economic growth have been primary issues that all countries are now concerned about. New technologies have been developed to facilitate our lives and make the cities we live in engines of never-ending growth and innovation. All these achievements, however, have been accompanied by excessive use of natural resources and increasing energy consumption, causing a significant increase in waste generation, gas emission, and therefore, pollution.


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