I have spent two months of this summer wandering around the surreal landscapes of Iceland. This place turned out to be much more than just a place: it is a parallel universe, a state of mind, a distinct art of living. Apart from the astounding nature, the polar nights and northern lights, there is much more to experience here, things unique to this country: organized freedom, as Björk ingeniously put it in one of her songs. However, in order to plan a journey to this amazing land, one must start from somewhere - and it will inevitably be the places worth visiting. Consequently, here is a list of my personal favorites! 

London today is the archetypal multi-cultural society with hundreds of nationalities and languages represented across a vast melting pot. A significant portion of the population is foreign born at around three million but the city is also famous for its long standing diasporas. Here we will take a look at five different immigrant communities which have had a powerful impact on the city over the years.

Brazil is a country of contrasts with a rapidly growing economy and a bright future, although under a cloud of unsolved problems. Although living standards in Brazil have indeed improved in recent years, poor education remains a major obstacle.

When one mentions the biggest city of the United Arab Emirates, the first thoughts are luxury resorts, the Palm, endless parties and Burj Al Arab, the only 7 star hotel in the world -and all of that super expensive. Interestingly, many tourists actually do not know what to expect, and some of them come back home without seeing some really attractive sights of this metropolis, which are available not only to ones with the deep pocket.

The popular traveling website TripAdvisor released a list of destinations that are on the rise to become “hits” of international tourism. Countries like Brazil, Russia, Cambodia and Cyprus are on the list. It was created based on the opinions of travelers’ themselves, the so-called Travelers’ Choice Awards.

Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of people, and absolutely nothing to a lot more people. If, however, you happen to live in the Christian (or post-Christian) world and haven’t yet hermetically sealed yourself off from the known universe, then it is about to come crashing down around you like a North Korean nuclear test.


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